Dumfy Furfoot

Charismatic. Fair. Kind. Humble... So... a halfling.


Dumfy is the mayor of Golden Steppe. He does everything he can for his village. He wrote the request for heroes to assist with the Kobold issue. Normally he doesn’t support any form of violence, but the Kobolds have become increasingly sinister, so he wants some heroes to intimidate them. On top of that, he doesn’t take kindly to bribes and cheating. He’s been discussing negotiations with Zikle’Kag.


Dumfy Furfoot’s family is the oldest family in Golden Steppe. Until recently, the were the richest, too, then Dumfy put all his money into the town. He cares for nothing more than the wellbeing of his village’s citizens. There was once a little-one who was being bothered by skunks, it was Dumfy who scared them off. There was a lone goblin stealing wares and terrifying the villagers, it was Dumfy who whacked him in the face with a rake.

Dumfy Furfoot

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