The negotiator.


Zikle’Kag is a kobold. He’s smart… for a kobold. He is the second in charge of the clan. He can read, he’s sarcastic, he doesn’t like adventurers. You are his “worst case scenario.” He won’t negotiate with you, but he will negotiate with Dumfy Furfoot. He’s running a fever at the moment.


Zikle’Kag has always been different from the rest of the Kobolds. Unlike the others who cower or charge at the sight of a sword, he would argue them out of using it, and just moving on. He has a track record for being snarky. He always has a judging expression. He doesn’t take kindly to self-righteousness, he will always pin one to stereotypes as a tactic to stop any fight. Overall, he’s a jerk, but he’s cool when you get to know him.


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